PPEP, Inc.

TUCSON Residential Coordinator


The Residential Coordinator oversees and provides support to the IDD Residential Group home site operating seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day. Oversees the physical residential group home operations managing and maintaining the residence to provide a comfortable, safe, clean and orderly habilitative environment. Schedules staff, transportation, service related events, medical appointments, and communicates with Program Manager or others as needed. Ensures staff compliance with IDD program policies. Residential Coordinator supervises and trains Direct Support Professionals to provide daily direct care and support services to the IDD (intellectually developmentally disabled) adult residents/members assigned to the residential group site/home. Administratively supervises, coordinates activities, plans and directs preparation of nutritional meals, and attend to daily care and personal needs of members. Prepares staff schedules and manages staff performance. Supervises and ensures that residents have a quality of life in a supportive and caring environment. Ensures that levels of services and staff are in compliance 24/7 with all IDD care policies and procedures.


  • Mentors and teaches staff assigned to residential site/home, distributes job assignments, and ensures program services are administered in accordance with IDD policies and procedures promoting a safe, quality of life for the members in residence.
  • Assist in the hiring of direct support professional staff. Guides and supports staff and ensures that staff meets training requirements established by DDD and PPEP IDD standards and policy and procedures.
  • In conjunction with Program Manager or Scheduling Specialist, ensures adequate staffing is provided as required to maintain and support staffing ratios required by individual members.
  • Manages staff performance, attendance, tardiness and incidents.
  • Participates with the ON-CALL Residential Coordinator alternating schedule when assigned.
  • In review and approval from management, conducts performance reviews, documents and presents corrective actions, and is involved with employee corrective actions and dismissals.
  • Responsible and accountable to monitor and manage facility funds, including involvement with planning of purchases and proper collection of receipts.
  • Request weekly household and resident petty cash funds; plans and maintains menus; orders and purchases food and household supplies; replaces worn items, notifies Program Manager when appliances or other home repairs are required, thus ensuring adequate supplies are available to operate the residential home/site.
  • Communicates daily with all staff to provide consistency in addressing each individual’s needs verbally and in daily communication logs;
  • Teaches, models, and promotes to staff and members the standards of basic hygiene and living skills. Ensures that staff is consistently utilizing these skills in the daily care of members.
  • Observes client behaviors (attitudes) and actions and communicates with parents, guardians, support coordinators, case-managers and other professionals (that have a need to know) regarding those observations; makes recommendations for improvements in level of care or types of activities in a professional manner. Documents as needed in participant’s record.
  • Provides and encourages collaborative team effort among the direct support team assigned supervised that are working in the residential site/home.
  • Promotes cultural competency in all areas of services and ability to work in a diverse, multi-cultural environment and be sensitive to the service population’s culture and socioeconomic characteristics.
  • Maintains a positive working relationship and interactions with all PPEP, Inc. employees, Support Coordinators, employers, parents, guardians, community members and agencies. Maintains and models proper boundaries between staff and members.
  • Makes sure that members are treated in full accordance with all applicable laws and PPEP IDD policies and procedures; reports any violations or incidents immediately to IDD Program Director or above to the Executive Director levels as necessary.  Documents accordingly.
  • Prepares and confirms that appropriate documents and accurate records are maintained in a timely manner and in accordance with PPEP IDD policies and procedures.
  • Guarantees that proper administration of medication to members is in compliance with physician’s orders; coordinates and ensures that medical appointments and evaluations are scheduled and met.
  • Participate in ISP meetings and other interdisciplinary meetings regarding direct care of the members.
  • Recommends areas of improvement to management and refers personnel employee issues to management.
  • Coordinates and implements activities and evaluations; makes recommendations for new or additional types of activities.
  • Maintains a proactive approach to the upkeep, safety and maintenance needs of the living environments all in the best interest and safety of residents and staff.  Report maintenance requirements as needed.
  • Successfully completes all training requirements established by DDD and PPEP and remains incompliance with certifications required (CPR/1st Aid, Fingerprint Clearance, annual policies/procedures) and other DDD training requirements.
  • Ensures programmatic vehicles are safe and maintained in accordance to policy and procedure.
  • Perform related work as required and provide direct care as needed in the 24/7 residential group home assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • High School degree/GED
  • Four (4) years prior work experience with the intellectually developmentally disabled population in community based settings. Minimum one (1) years supervisory experience and facility management work experience in this field.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the DDD resource system and other agencies in the area
  • Implementing plans and guidelines mandated by the ISP, policy and procedures, etc.
  • Documenting observations and maintaining facility and confidential resident records.
  • Conducting group or individual activities related to developmental, habilitative, or recreational programs.
  • OR have: Experience in providing either respite or personal care, and have received training, approved by IDD in implementing and documenting performance.
  • OR have: performed habilitation services and experience under the direct supervision of an individual who is qualified to provide such services.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English language as required for this position and service to members.
  • Ability to drive/operate an agency transport vehicle and maintain an excellent driving record.
  • Ability to perform crisis intervention to prevent harmful behaviors.
  • Ability to perform First Aid/CPR if required.
  • Ability/Willingness to work longer than eight (8) hour shifts, to work holidays or overtime, to be available to manage the staff schedules as required to support the needs of the members in the Residential Group home which operates 24/7 that has mandatory member to staff ratios assigned.


  • Any combination of academic education, professional training or work experience, which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Psychology, Sociology or related field.
  • One (1) year prior team leadership experience in a service setting for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the DDD resource system and other agencies in the area.


  • Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time.
  • Must be fully ambulatory and able to frequently lift, push and pull up to fifty (50) pounds, if required by the facility.
  • Must be able to climb stairs and assist consumers in moving household items if necessary.
  • Ability/Willingness to work longer than eight (8) hour shifts, to work holidays or overtime, to work seven (7/24 hour) schedule.
  • Must be available to manage/work in the Residential Group home that operates and delivers services 24/7.


  • Must be able to remain calm, non-defensive with a supportive attitude during crisis or potential crisis.

Special Notes: In-service training requirements. due to Department of Health Services and the Division of Behavioral Health requirements, some positions in this category are required to provide medical clearance. Department of Labor regulation CFR Part 1910.1030 requires notification that this category may have a risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Hepatitis B Vaccine will be provided.